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PLEASE NOTE: The Five on Friday archives are not updated with each patch. Please take older documents with a grain of salt, as they may be inaccurate.

August 28, 2008

Pre-Town Hall FoF

Once again we're saving the weekend goodness for the Town Hall - and I think this time it will satisfy your cravings. We do still have some announcements and such below!


QA Request of the Week

QA has been getting a fair number of bugs about players being unable to get their pets to guard them. One thing to consider is that you can only have 5 pets guarding you at once - and if you set a pet to guard and then stable it, it still counts toward the 5. If you're having this problem, go to the stable and pull out any stabled pets and tell them "stop," then re-stable them. If that doesn't solve the problem, please call a GM in-game so they can look at your individual character and see what's going on.


What's To Come:

The Publish 55 awesomeness is so incredibly awesome that, despite our diligent efforts, it just won't fit into one publish. We're still on track to get it on Test Center next week, and it will have the end of Spring Cleaning (no more turn-in NPCs, although you can still claim your rewards,) the Gardening system updates, the RoT changes for Siege, a number of bugfixes, and one other eensy update that's only about a year late - 10-year Veteran rewards!

The next Live Events phase is the awesomeness that simply cannot be contained, and we'll be getting that out to you just as soon as we find a box big enough to hold it.

As for the rest of what's to come - well, the Town Hall is going to cover a lot of that. Keep an eye out for updates and reports from the attendees!


Town Hall News:

The Town Hall is in two days - will you be there? Check out the details here and please do RSVP. Also check the Fansite News section for details on Whispering Rose Radio's broadcast of the show - if you can't make it to Seattle, surely you can make it to the internet!

We're aware of issues people seem to be having with the RSVP site - if it's not working for you (for this or any other Town Hall) just show up anyway! We only use the RSVP page to get an idea of how much food to order - there's no "list" or anything you need to be on.


Fansite News:

Here are a bunch of neat sites to look at, guilds looking for members, and player-run events going on - be sure to check them out!

First, here is a general UO site you may not have seen:


For all the adventurers out there: The Ultima Online Travelogues and Adventurer's Guide are available for your entertainment. Here you'll find stories and screenshots of many UO adventures, and a comprehensive guide including detailed maps of all landmasses, dungeons and Points Of Interest in Sosaria: Click here!


Guild recruitment!


The United Pirates of Catskills, the first and oldest pirate role playing guild in UO ever, is recruiting members! For details, check the United Pirates website here.


This past month, the Ancient Order of Elves celebrated 10 amazing years of roleplaying on the Pacific Shard. It has taken the toil and time of many great UO players to make this milestone possible, and they would like to thank the residents of Pacific who have been so supportive over the years. Celebration will take place on Mondays starting September 8th at 7:30pst at the Tel'Ereg ar' Cu Tavern located at coordinates 128o25'N 55o15'E. Gates will be provided in Luna and New Haven.

Visit for membership information or contact Joy via e-mail:


And last but not least, live events!


Houses and Castles presents; UO Halloween Deco Contest 2008!

Dust off the deco tool, it's time for an overhaul!

H&C is hosting a Halloween competition - create NEW, fresh Halloween inspired deco. no bats, no witches - unless its presented in a new way - full house deco, or a tiny new 'something'.

Is your cauldron bubbling over with ideas? Do the flames of the pits of Hades flicker in your eyes when you grip a deco tool? Do the snip of scissors make you think 'Just how many goza's do they NEED?'

Submissions accepted from September 1st midnight, GMT (england) to September 10th, midnight GMT. You can send up to 3 submission, but each must be sent in their own email.

Send submissions to; .

Please read the full rules, so your entry is not disqualified. You can find the rules here

Voting starts September 11th. The voting place will be announced just before voting can start. Prizes will be awarded to the top winners!

Thank you! And much luck to all participants!


Lake Superior Community's weekly event Schedule

Community Meet'n Greet Date: Monday, September 1st Time: 7:30PM Central Location: Skara Brae Community Center - located next to the bank Hosts: Airmid / Sabina Nikolai

Vesper Museum Exhibit tours Date: Tuesday, September 2nd Time: 8:00PM Central Starting Location: Skara Brae Community Center - located next to the bank Host: Taeara Mi'Aken

Peerless hunt (Mondain's Legacy Required) Date: Wednesday, September 3rd Time: 8:00PM Central Starting Location: Skara Brae Community Center - located next to the bank Host: Taeara Mi'Aken

Scavenger hunt Date: Thursday, September 4th Time: 8:00PM Central Starting Location: Skara Brae Community Center - located next to the bank Host: Misty

Ilshenar Champion Spawn hunt Date: Friday, September 5th Time: 9:00PM Central Starting Location: Skara Brae Community Center - located next to the bank Host: Taeara Mi'Aken


Saturday - August 30th - Once again the road crew of Whispering Rose Radio [WRR] will be broadcasting live the UO Town Hall and this time it’s from Seattle, WA. If you're not able to be there in person then join the rest of the staff for 'party-time' fun at the special WRR Dave & Busters site located on Lake Superior. Bring your ‘dying to know questions’ and we will submit them for you! Click here for location map starting at 3pm Pacific. *If you’re not able to be in game or at the UO Town Hall a tape of the broadcast will be available on UO Forums.

WRR may also be broadcasting from the PAX 2008 (Penny Arcade Expo) sometime over the weekend from Seattle. The Penny Arcade Expo is a Video and computer gaming exposition and convention, with a video game showcase floor, gaming industry panels, movies, plenty of room for console, PC, and even tabletop (board/card/role-play) gaming, plus two nights of concerts featuring top geek, nerd, and gaming bands. If you are coming remember to bring your handheld game device, your card decks, wear your best geekery or video game character costume to meet interesting people and play interesting games with them. Tune in for more details as we won’t know until we get there and double check the technicalities.


Sunday - August 31st - The Pacific Auction House (located just East of the Luna Moongate) continues after 4 fantastic years to bring you more great deals. Get there early for best seating. Auction starts at 12pm PST, 3pm EST and is broadcasted live on WRRadio.


Thursday - September 4th - The Tazz and Keg's Underground show returns to the air at 7pm PST - 10pm EST on a NEW night with a CONTEST to kick off their return. They are running a contest for the funniest videogame story in 80 words or less. Listeners will be eligible to win a $25.00 gift certificate to Gamestop if their submissions are read on air. They will be taking submissions until September 25, 2008 and will be announcing the winner on the October 2nd show. Tune into the Tazz and Keg's Underground show on Thursday night for complete details.


  • Friday Night Shard Chatter, Saturdays’ Brush Limpaw, the bi-weekly WRR Casino Night, and the Deal or No Deal ~ 'UO Style' will return over the next few Saturdays. Watch for next weeks WRR 'News' bulletin with more details.

Have a great time this weekend playing Ultima Online and listening to Whispering Rose Radio [WRR] ~ see you all on the flip side.


I'm in Seattle tonight, and cannot wait for the Town Hall tomorrow!

-- Jeremy
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