A Dish Best Served Cold

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Es gibt bzw. gab zwei Quests, die A Dish Best Served Cold (dt. Ein Gericht das am besten kalt serviert wird) heissen bzw. hiessen.

Das eine gibt es bei Koole the Arcanist und Tiana the Guard, sie sind NPC-Charakter in Sanctuary.

Das zweite gab es bei Salis the Ophidian Cook im Ophidian Temple in den Lost Lands auf Trammel.

Quest Log aus Heartwood City

"*mutter" I'll have my revenge. Oh! You there. Fancy some orc extermination? I despise them all. Bombers, brutes -- you name it, if it's orcish I want it killed."


alle in Sanctuary


Quest Log vom Ophidian Temple

Hinweis: Um das Quest überhaupt annehmen zu können, muss man 5'000 Loyalitätspunkte gegenüber den Ophidians aufweisen können!

"Description: Obtain a Bowl of Rotworm Stew, five small pieces of Blackrock, and the arms of a Terathan Avenger and return to Salis for your reward.

Greetings ally of the Ophidians-s-s. I am working on a secret project to undermine the power of our hated enemies the Bane Chos-s-sen.

We know that the Bane Chos-s-sen use their knowledge of the Bane Dragon food to manipulate those hungry for power over Bane Dragons-s-s. If I can discover the s-s-secret recipe for their mysterious blackrock stew, we can sell it freely and weaken their power bas-s-se.

I s-s-seek assistance in this project. If you will assist, I will give you a copy of the recipe when I discover it.

I need the following ingredients-s-s, the arms of a Terathan Avenger, one Bowl of Rotworm Stew, and five small pieces of Blackrock. Will you assis-s-st us-s-s?"


Wenn man die gewünschten Zutaten besorgt hatte und zurück zu Salis kehrte, war er sehr erfreut.

*Salis takes the ingredients and slithers to the table to experiment. After a few minutes of experimenting and tasting it slithers back to you.*

I have discovered the recipe to Blackrock Stew, the secret to the Bane Dragon's power. As-s-s promised, I will share it with you. Thank you for your assis-s-stance.


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