A Ghost Of Covetous

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Ben the Apprentice Necromancer ist ein NPC-Charakter in Taverne The Barnacle in Minoc. Bei ihm erhält man die Quest A Ghost Of Covetous, worin es um einen Geist und ein Vater/Sohn-Drama geht.


A Ghost Of Covetous
Ben the Apprentice Necromancer: "What? Oh, you startled me! Sorry, I'm a little jumpy. My master Griswolt learned that a ghost has recently taken up residence in the Covetous dungeon. He sent me to capture it, but I... well, it terrified me, to be perfectly honest. If you think yourself courageous enough, I'll give you my Spirit Bottle, and you can try to capture it yourself. I'm certain my master would reward you richly for such service."

Akzeptiert man die Quest, muss man nun ins Covetous Dungeon gehen, dort beim Ausgang von Level 1 findet man dann den Geist von Frederic Smithson.

The Ghost of Frederic Smithson: (As you try to use the Spirit Bottle, the ghost snatches it out of your hand and smashes it on the rocks)
"Please, don't be frightened. I need your help!"

Save His Dad
The Ghost of Frederic Smithson: "My father, Andros, is a smith in Minoc. Last week his forge overturned and he was splashed by molten steel. He was horribly burned, and we feared he would die. An alchemist in Vesper promised to make a bandage that could heal him, but he needed the silk of a dread spider. I came here to get some, but I was careless, and succumbed to their poison. Please, won't you help my father?"

Natürlich machen wir das, und somit bringen wir das Dread Spider Silk, das wir von Frederic erhalten, nach Vesper zu Leon.

Leon the Alchemist: "How may I help thee? You have the silk of a dread spider? Of course I can may you a bandage, but what happened to Frederic?"

'A Father's Gratitude
Leon the Alchemist: "That is simply terrible. First Andros, and now his son. Well, let's make sure Frederic's sacrifice wasn't in vain. Will you take the bandages to his father? You can probably deliver them faster than I can, can't you?"

Also ab nach Minoc, um Andros zu finden.

Andros the Blacksmith: "Sorry, I'm not accepting commissions at the moment. What? You have the bandage I need from Leon? Thank you so much! But why didn't my son bring this to me himself? ... Oh, no! You can't be serious! *sag* My Freddie, my son! Thank you for carrying out his last wish. Here -- I made this for my son, to give to him when he became a journeyman. I want you to have it."

Nun erhält man als Belohnung Andro's Gratitude, ein geblesster Schmiedehammer mit 10 Ladungen.

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