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Aurelia ist ein NPC-Charakter in einem Haus in Jhelom. Bei ihr erhält man die Quest Aemaeth, worin es um ihren verstorbenen Vater geht.

Quest Log

Aurelia the architect's daughter: "My father died in an accident some months ago. My mother refused to accept his death. We had a little money set by, and she took it to a necromancer, who promised to restore my father to life. Well, he revived my father, all right, the cheat! Now my father is a walking corpse, a travesty... a monster. My mother is beside herself -- she won't eat, she can't sleep. I prayed at the shrine of Spirituality for guidance, and I must have fallen asleep. When I awoke, there was this basin of clear water. I cannot leave my mother, for I fear what she might do to herself. Could you take this to the graveyard, and give it to what is left of my father?"

Akzeptiert man die Quest, erhält man nun ein Basin Of Crystal-Clear Water, welches man zu Szandor – der Vater von Aurelia – bringen muss. Er ist auf dem hiesigen Friedhof in Jhelom zu finden.

Skeleton of Szandor the Late Architect: "What is this you give me? A basin of water?"

"You tell me it is time to leave this flesh. I did not understand until now. I thought: I can seemy wife and my daughter, I can speak. Is this not life? But now, as I regard my reflection I see what I have become. This only a mockery of life. Thank you for having the courage to show me the truth. For the love I bear my wife and daughter, I know now that I must pass beyond the veil. Will you return this basin to Aurelia? She will know by this that I am at rest."

Er gibt einem wiederum das Basin Of Crystal-Clear Water zurück, welches man nun zurück zu Aurelia bringt.

Aurelia the architect's daughter: "Thank goodness! Now we can honor my father for the great man he was while he lived, rather than the horror he became."

Nun erhält man zur Belohnung den Mirror Of Purification, ein geblesstes, blaues Wasserbecken.

Hinweis: Diese Quest kann nur je einmal pro Charakter absolviert werden (Fehlermeldung bei erneutem Versuch: I can not offer you the quest again).

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