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Belulah the Scorned ist ein NPC-Charakter in Nujel'm.

Quest Log

All Season Adventurer!
Belulah the Scorned: "It's all about hardship, suffering, struggle and pain. Withouth challenges, you've got nothing to test yourself against -- and that's what life is all about. Self improvement! Honing your body and mind! Overcoming obstacles... You'll see what I mean if you take on my challenge."

Objective: 5 Efreets im Fire Dungeon (UOAM X: 5667, Y: 1315) und 5 Ice Fiends (UOAM X: 5691, Y: 304) im Ice Dungeon töten

Reward: Another step closer to becoming human.

Reward: You have demonstrated your toughness! Humans are able to endure unimaginable hardships in pursuit of their goals. You are one step closer to achieving humanity.

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