All That Glitters

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Thepem the Apprentice in der Royal City in Ter Mur zu finden.

Hinweis: Thepem bietet sogenannte Stufen Quests an, wer 5 "Stufe 1"-Quests ausführt, kann danach "Stufe 2"-Quests erhalten. All That Glitters ist ein "Stufe 1"-Quest.

Quest Log

"Ah yes, welcome to our humble shop. Do you wish to buy some of our fine potions today, or perhaps have something of interest to sell?

No? Well, I do have some specialty good for sale that may be of interest to you. Unfortunately, specialty goods require specialty ingredients, which can be harder to come by. I'm not the adventurous sort, so if you are interested, you'll have to bring them to me.

Mistress Zosilem has recently discovered an efficient method of convertinglesser metals in those that are more valuable. The elisirs that convert the more valuable metals are for our long term customers. That said, perhaps you are intersted in purchasing a elixir that can turn up to 500 Dull Copper Ingots into gold ones? I will need some specialty ingredients in addition to what we have in the shop. Of course, nothing one such as yourself cannot obtain with a small bit of effort.

Bring me five portions of Congealed Slug Acid, and twenty gold ingots. I will need to inspect the ingots before I accept them, so give those to me before we complete the transaction."


Die 20 Golden Ingots gibt man einfach *vor* der Abgabe des Acids an Thepem. Sie gibt sie einem als die Inspected Gold Ingots zurück. Diese muss man nun noch als Quest Item markieren, und fertig ist die Aufgabe.

"Hello, how may I help you? Oh, wait you were interested in the elixir of gold conversion, right? If you have the materials I asked for ready, hand them over and I'll get to work on your elixir right away. After that, I have other tasks to finish for the mistress, but you can return in a bit if you wish to make another purchase."


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