Boura, Boura and more Boura

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Percolem the Hunter ist links beim Eingang zum Palast in der Royal City in Ter Mur zu finden.

Hinweis: Percolem bietet sogenannte Stufen Quests an, wer 5 "Stufe 1"-Quests ausführt, kann danach "Stufe 2"-Quests erhalten, das gilt ebenso dann für die "Stufe 3"-Quests. Boura, Boura and more Boura ist ein "Stufe 2"-Quest.

Quest Log

"Greetings, Hunter.
"You've proven yourself to be a capable hunter, able to hunt the lesser creatures without fail. My injury prevents me from coming with you, so I ask that you be careful with your next task. High plain boura are not to be taken lightly. They are territorial and will not hesitatet to attack you on sight, so be prepared when you face them. You can find them roaming the high plains to the north of the Holy City. As usual, I will reward you with something from my wife's stock of imbuing ingredients. Do you think you are you ready? "


"I see that you are back, and apparently in one piece. This is good. Here is your reward, please return in a couple hours for another task."


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