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Die Candle of Love Quest (dt. Kerze der Liebe Quest) startete – nach gröberen technischen Schwierigkeiten – Ende März 2007 im Zusammenhang mit dem damals bereits über ein Jahr andauernden Inu the Crone-Scenario. Nach der Suche nach dem Book of Truth (dt. Buch der Wahrheit) ein paar wenige Wochen zuvor stellte dies die Nachfolge-Quest dar, einzelne Quest-Teile verlangten einiges ab.

Es begann alles mit der Nachricht darauf, dass es ein Hinweis gab, dass an der Westküste von den Windemere Woods – östlich von Minoc und nördlich von Vesper – angeblich ein wilder Dämon gesehen worden sein soll. Und dass das Dungeon Wrong von grässlichen Kreaturen wie Ogern, Trollen, Lizardmen und weiterem überschwemmt worden sei.

Dieser Dämon entpuppte sich dann als einfacher Gargoyle namens SinVraal und war der Questgeber.


SinVraal the Gargoyle


  • Quest: Darkness
  • Ort: UOAM X: 3147, Y: 151 bzw. 129° 27' N, 128° 15' E (Windmere Westküste, östlich von Minoc, nördlich von Vesper)
  • Questbeschreibung: "To greet you wholeheartedly. To feel thankful for your willingness to help. To not be able to see? To think that if the shrines of Compassion, Justice and Sacrifice are involved that it is likely that Astaroth, the Shadowlord of the Hatred, is behind the darkness. To know that such powerful magic can be countered, but to believe that only by seeking the innate power of the opposite can it be done. To recommend that you seek out more knowledge at Empath Abbey. To know that the monks there study how Love can overcome Hatred. To want you to take this book to the Keeper of the Flame at Empath Abbey. To suspect that she will understand. To wish you good fortune against such a terrible foe."
  • Questziel: 1 Book of Ancient Gargish Prophecies zu Anne in der Yew Empath Abbey bringen.
  • Reward: keinen.

Anne the Keeper of the Flame


  • Quest: The Darkness / A Dark Flame
  • Ort: UOAM X: 630, Y 823 bzw. 70° 24' N, 48° 43' W (Empath Abbey in Yew, Nähe Bank)
  • Questbeschreibung (The Darkness): "Greetings, how may I help thee? *Anne listens to your story* Oh my! Astaroth you say? Well, SinVraal may very well be right. Let me take a look at the book."

A Dark Flame – Part 1

  • Questbeschreibung: "Just from looking at the first few pages, I think SinVraal was correct in sending you to me. I'll need some time to read more to be sure. I'm feeling really thirsty though, so can you do me a favor? Fetch me a bottle of ale from the Innkeeper downstairs and I'll sudy this while you're gone."
  • Questziel: 1 Bottle of Ale zu Anne bringen.

A Dark Flame – Part 2

  • Questbeschreibung: "Finally! I was getting thirsty. Thank you. Ok, so I've read some more of this book and it does appear that SinVraal's thinking was on track. As I'm sure you know, Astaroth, the Shadowlord of Hatred, is compelled to oppose the Principle of Love and everything related to it. What you may not know is that Love and Hatred are entwined at a very basic level, and one cannot exist without the other to put it in perspective, nor can one become too influential without the other diminishing an equal amount.

    From what I've read in this book, it's clear that by corrupting the shrines and extinguishing the Candle of Love, Astaroth is attempting to spread the influence of Hatred in the world. The more Hatred exists, the less Love's presence is felt, and the more powerful Astaroth becomes! Obviously, we cannot let the balance swing too far in Astaroth's favor if we are to have any hope of thwarting his future plans.

    The Candle of Love itself is kept in a cavern underneath the Abbey, far below where we're staning now. The entrance to the cavern can be found in the back room of the winery next door. However, the tunnel leading to the cavern is dark, and it seems that no normal light can pierce this unnatural darkness.

    From what we've been able to discern, in order to enter this impenetrable curatin of darkness that now enshourds the cavern, many brave adventurers will need to purify the light from a regular candle and then touch the purified flame to the Candle of Love. Hower, it all starts with one person... you.

    Quickly, go to each of the three shrines and help cleanse them. Then meditate on each virtue, and the way forward will be shown to you. Only through doing this might you help oppose Astaroth's growing power.

    As you finish walking the path showhn to you, you will be given sigils for each of the three virtues.

    Bring me the Heart of Compassion, the Quill of Justice and the Tear of Sacrifice, along with a regular candle. In return, I will provide you with what you need to enter the cavern below."
  • Questziel: 1 Heart of Compassion, 1 Quill of Justice, 1 Tear of Sacrifice, 1 Candle (nicht brennend, sonst kann sie nicht als Quest-Item markiert werden!) zu Anne bringen.
  • Reward: A Purified Candle.

Somit muss man erst einmal die Shrines "säubern", was soviel heisst, die dort in der Umgebung befindlichen roten Monster zu killen. Es ist möglich, dass dies nicht alle sein müssen, sondern nur diejenigen in einem gewissen Radius um den Shrine. Jedenfalls artet das in einer Massenschlacht aus, da sich viele Monster relativ weit weg vom Shrine wegbewegen. Erkennen kann man einen "gesäuberten" Shrine daran, dass diese schwarzen, glitzernden Effekte verschwunden sind (und die roten Monster natürlich auch).

Diesen Shrine muss man säubern – und so sieht er dann "gesäubert" aus.

Ein angenehmer Nebeneffekt ist noch, dass man eine Chance auf eine sogenannte Scroll of Alacrity (dt. Scroll des Eifers: Man gaint scheinbar enorm schnell im entsprechenden Skill) hat, die wie bei normalen Champion-Monstern ins Backpack fällt (eine Meldung erscheint ebenfalls auf dem Bildschirm).


Hat man die Shrines erstmal von den Monstern gesäubert, kann man daran meditieren wie von Anne verlangt. Bei allen wird man so zu den nächsten Aufgaben geführt.

Questteil Compassion (Mitleid)

  • Quest: A Compassionate Task
  • Am gesäuberten Shrine das Mantra "mu" aussprechen. Man erhält nun eine Aufgabe.
  • Questbeschreibung: "As you meditate on the virtue of Compassion, you start to feel utter despise towards the human race. The feeling burns intensely in your heart, filling you with blind rage and a compulsion to maim and torture any human that dare enter your home. As the feeling begins to fade, you see a vision of a crystal ball resting upon a pedestal, and you somehow know that your path lies in that direction."
  • Vorgehen: Den Crystal Ball im Dungeon Despise (Verachtung) finden.
  • Ort Crystal Ball: Dungeon Despise, UOAM X: 5450, Y 1004 (in der Nähe der Titanen/Cyclopen). Kommt man dem Crystal Ball näher, erscheint die Meldung: "You recognize the crystal ball as the one from your vision". Den Crystall Ball nun doppelklicken und er 'erzählt' eine Geschichte.


  • Questbeschreibung (Young Ogre): "As you peer into the crystal ball, an image begins to form. You see a very young ogre hiding at the back of his cave. The ogre is watching a horrifying scene unfold before him. A party of rage driven humans is torturing his family. They are taking great pleasure in killing the ogre's family... as slowly and gruesomely as possible. Tears silently stream down the young ogre's face. You somehow hear him vow in his heart to grow up... and become the biggest and strongest ogre of them all... so that he might spend the rest of his days... seeking revenge against all of humanity. As the image dissolves, you are shown a large heart... blackened, twisted and utterly consumed by... despise. You tremble at the horrible image before you. The image finally fades, but not before you catch a glimpse... of Astaroth laughing, all too pleased with his handiwork."
  • Vorgehen: Trotz der rührend-gruseligen Geschichte nun Ogre/Ogre Lords töten bis eine Meldung erscheint: "You hear an angry roar echoing throughout the dungeon!". Der Large Ogre Lord ist nun irgendwo im Dungeon erschienen. Dieser kann sich auf dem selben Level oder darüber in den Gängen bewegen, einfach genug Ausdauer und Geduld zum Suchen und danach zum Töten (und für's notwendige Lootrecht) haben.
  • Ort des Large Ogre Lords: Irgendwo in den Gängen von Despise (sehr wahrscheinlich Level 3 oder 4).
  • Questziel: 1 Heart Blackened by Despise als Questitem markieren und zum Compassion Shrine bringen, wieder meditieren ("mu").


  • Questbeschreibung: "You place the blackened heart on the Shrine of Compassion and begin to meditate. Sadness overcomes you as you think about the fate of the ogre. Astaroth's influence in the ogre's life corrupted his heart to the extent that he was so consumed by despise of the human race that his capability to feel content with his life, much less to find happiness, was completely taken away from him. When you open your eyes, you notice that the ogre's corrupted heart has been purified by Compassion. You pick the Heart of Compassion, as you have a feeling that you'll need it later if you hope to do your part in battling Astaroth's plan."
  • Reward: Heart of Compassion.

Questteil Sacrifice(Aufopferung)

  • Quest: A True Sacrifice
  • Am gesäuberten Shrine das Mantra "cah" aussprechen. Man erhält nun eine Aufgabe.
  • Questbeschreibung: "As you meditate on the virtue of Sacrifice, you envision a dark, watery cavern. As your mind wanders through the cave, you realize that there is treasure piled high against the wall. As you focus on the piles of gold and gems, a feeling of unbridled covetous washes over you with such force that your mind recoils away from the treasure. It is at that moment that you realize you are being watched, as you spot a dark form moving amongst the shadows; its eyes watching, ever-vigilant, over the hoard. You know you must find the source of this overwhelming greed if you are to continue down this path."
  • Vorgehen: Nach Covetous ins unterste Level (Dragon-Lair) reisen. Das ist eine ziemlich abenteuerliche Reise, da es durch den mit Lichs und Untoten bevölkerten Thron-Saal geht... habt Ihr die Reise geschafft, trefft ihr auf einen riesengrossen roten Dragon (eigentlich eher ein Wyrm): Sudiva.


  • Den Drachen auf keinen Fall angreifen, auch wenn er grau ist, dann greift sie auch nicht an (ja, sie macht viel und lange Aua...). In der Nähe von ihr beginnt man zu meditieren, wiederum mit dem Mantra "cah" (es erscheint eine Warnung: "Meditate again to sacrifice 30 of your highest stat. WARNING!"). Spricht man das Mantra ein zweites Mal, werden von den höchsten Stats 30 Punkte abgezogen (die sich später wieder problemlos antrainieren lassen). Sudiva ist darüber sehr gerührt und weint eine Träne (Meldung: "As you make your sacrifice, Sudiva sheds a tear. You pick it up and place it in your backpack."), das begehrte Item, das man als Questitem markiert zum Shrine zurückbringen muss.
  • Questziel: 1 Sudiva's Covetous-Laced Tear zum Sacrifice Shrine bringen und meditieren ("cah").
  • Questbeschreibung: "You place Sudiva's Tear on the shrine and begin to meditate on the Virtue of Sacrifice. You find yourself sympathizing with Sudiva's plight. Although the great dragon played no small role in bringing her own self to her current condition, you feel that no living being should be made to suffer so, regardless of how it happened. Your sacrifice has begun her healing process: hopefully someday she will be free from Astaroth's grip and can fly once against amongst the clouds. When you open your eyes, you notice that Sudiva's Teaer has transformed into a Tear of Sacrifice. You quickly put it into your backpack, and prepare yourself to continue along your journey".
  • Reward: Tear of Sacrifice (blessed).

Questteil Justice (Gerechtigkeit)

  • Quest: For Great Justice!
  • Am gesäuberten Shrine das Mantra "beh" aussprechen. Man erhält nun eine Aufgabe.
  • Questbeschreibung: "As you meditate on the virtue of Justice, you find yourself envisioning a dusty skeleton, shackled to a wall. As you ponder the skeleton's existence, a feeling a great injustice washes over you suddenly. As you step back from the shrine and open your eyes, the feeling subsides, leaving you with the strong desire to right this great wrong, whatever it may be."
  • Vorgehen: Den Ghost of a Prisioner im Dungeon Wrong finden.
  • Ort Ghost of a Prisoner: Dungeon Wrong, UOAM X: 5865, Y 578. Klickt den Ghost an, und ihr werdet vorerst nur "ooOOOo" verstehen. Hinter dem Ghost hängt ein "a Dusty Skeleton" an der Wand - klickt dieses ebenfalls an, und den Ghost nochmals - und ihr versteht den Ghost plötzlich (Meldung vom Ghost: "oooOOo... ooh, wait, you can actually hear me.").


  • Quest: Thomas' Story
  • Questbeschreibung: "That skeleton you're poking at has a history, you know. 'Tis all that is left of a boy that went by the name of Thomas. He was convicted for murder! A great injustice the whole farce turned out to be. I wrote his true story down in a journal, but the executioner found it. Even though I only had a few years left to serve, he had me executed on the spot. I bet if you found my journal, you could clear Thomas' name! Unfortunately, I don't know where the executioner kept his things. Perhaps deeper in this prison?"
  • Vorgehen: Hinunter ins zweite Level des Dungeon Wrong gehen und das Journal finden (Meldung: "You grab the Prisoner's Journal and put it in your backpack."), das in der schwarzen Executioner's Kiste liegt. Es gibt direkte Runen dorthin, oder dann geht Ihr einfach durch die Geheimtüre in der Wand (Transparenz/Transparency anschalten).
  • Questziel: 1 Prisoner's Journal als Questitem markieren und zurück zum Ghost gehen.


  • Questbeschreibung: "Is that it? Hold it up here so I can read it and make sure it's my journal."
  • Quest: A Journal Delivery
  • Questbeschreibung: "'Tis my journal! It's strange to see it after all these years. All that's left to do is to take it to someone that can change the official record. Perhaps someone at a court? Maybe I can finally rest in peace!"
  • Vorgehen: Das Journal zu Andrew (der aktuell aber Andy heisst *grinst*) in den Court of Truth in Yew bringen.


  • Questbeschreibung: "What's this? Why, yes, I do remember this case. It was quite a few years ago, but something seemed fishy about it back then and I've thought about the boy and his betrothed off and on since then.*Andy reads the journal entry* By the virtues! I knew Thomas was innocent! Thank you so much for bringing this to me, I will make sure that the official record is changed as soon as possible. It won't undo the injustice done to Thomas, but it's the least we can do. Though, perhaps there is something more to be done..."
  • Andy nun nochmals ansprechen.
  • Quest: Executioner's Last Stand
  • Questbeschreibung: "The executioner still roams free in Dungeon Wrong after all these years. Go there, slay him, then return to me. By then, I will have found the pen that he used to sign the writ of execution for Thomas. Be careful, for he surrounds himself with many terrible creatures!"
  • Vorgehen: Zurück ins Dungeon Wrong gehen und einen Executioner suchen.
  • Questziel: Den nächstbesten Executioner umlegen, der euch über den Weg läuft (Meldung: "You have slain the Executioner! Return to Andrew - also Andy - as soon as you can"). Zurück zu Andy nach Yew gehen und mit ihm sprechen.


  • Questbeschreibung: "Well done! I hope that the Executioner didn't give you too much trouble. As promised, here is the pen he used to sign writs of death."
  • Reward: Executioner's Rusty Pen (blessed) als Questitem markieren und zum Shrine Justice gehen, wiederum meditieren ("beh").
  • Questbeschreibung: "You place the rusty pen on the shrine and begin to meditate. The injustice done to both Nina and Thomas stirs a feeling of great sadness inside of you. Though the record has finally been set straight after all these years, you can't help but to think that after all the executioner had done he deserved a far worse punishment than death. You vow to meditate more on the Virtue of Justice in your future travels so that you might better understand how to temper your feelings with Love. When you open your eyes, you notice that the pen has been transformed by Justice! Stepping up to the shrine, you take the Pen of Justice, as your intuition tells you that you'll need it eventually on your quest to thwart Astaroth."
  • Reward: Quill of Justice (blessed). Nun hat man alle Dinge zusammen, die zurück zu Anne nach Yew in die Empath Abbey gebracht werden müssen. Die erhaltenen drei Gegenstände markieren und eine normale Candle (Kerze) – vom Provisioner eures Vertrauens gekauft – als Questitems. Sprecht nun mit Anne, und Ihr erhaltet die letzte Aufgabe.
  • Vorgehen: 1 Heart of Compassion, 1 Quill of Justice, 1 Tear of Sacrifice und 1 Candle (nicht brennend) als Questitem markieren (Meldung: "Talk to Anne to have her purify your candle!") und mit Anne sprechen.
  • Questbeschreibung: "Here, take this purified candle. You have but one task remaining..."


  • Quest: The Candle of Love
  • Questbeschreibung: "Only one last task remains for you to help oppose Astaroth's growing power. Take the purified candle I just gave you, enter the Candle of Love Cavern below us, and touch your flame to the Candle of Love. This isn't quite as simple as it sounds, as you'll need to do two things. First, remember to hold the purified candle in your hand to cross the area of drakness. Once you've done that, you will encounter a puzzle to solve that helps to protect the Candle of Love. Solve this puzzle, and touch your flame to the candle quickly, as you won't have much time once you've crossed the lava. Before you go, I wish to thank you for all that you have done. Hurry now, for Astaroth will not wait."
  • Questziel: 1 Purified Candle zur Candle of Love Cavern bringen.
  • Vorgehen: Die Purified Candle, die man von Anne erhalten hat, in die Hand nehmen (doppelklicken). Der Zugang zur Candle of Love Cavern befindet sich gleich nebenan in der "Ye old Winery" (dort, wo man auch die braunen Möchs-Robe kaufen kann). Schaut Euch nach einer losen Bodenplatte um.


  • Questbeschreibung: Bodenplatte doppelklicken und Ihr landet in der Candle of Love Cavern (diese kann wegen der Dunkelheit nur mit der Purified Candle betreten werden!). Geht dem Weg entlang Richtung hintere Höhle. Dort trefft ihr auf einen Lavasee, in dem sich die Candle of Love auf einem schwarzen Podest inmitten der heissen Brühe befindet. Ihr müsst nun ein Puzzle lösen - lauft vom Startpunkt (N/W Ecke des Pools) über den sich andauernd ändernden Höhlenboden. Ein falscher Schritt befördert euch zurück auf festen Boden ausserhalb der Lava!


  • Vorgehen: Das Puzzle wie folgt abschreiten (Angabe der Himmelsrichtung; der Weg unterscheidet sich offensichtlich von Shard zu Shard und auch in Trammel und Felucca):

    Sobald Ihr auf festen Boden bei der Candle of Love tritt, erhaltet ihr eine letzte Meldung.
  • Questbeschreibung: "As you touch your Purified Candle to the Candle of Love, you feel Astaroth's hold on this cavern diminish slightly. You've done your part to uphold the Principle of Love, now it's up to your fellow Britannians to do theirs."
  • Reward: A Candle Blessed by Love for (Charaktername), Spell Channeling.

Hinweis: Haben genug Leute auf den jeweiligen Shards diese Quest absolviert, ist es nicht mehr möglich, diese Quest fertigzumachen, da die Candle of Love in der Höhle dann brennt ("You stare into the Candle of Love" o.ä.).

Wir wünschen viel Spass auf eurer spirituellen Reise!

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