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Elwood McCarrin the well-known Collector ist ein NPC-Charakter in der Nähe der Bank in New Haven. Bei ihm erhält man das sogennante Collector's Quest – dies, weil es eben um die Vervollständigung seiner Sammlung geht.

Da dieses Quest ein sogenanntes Classic Quest ist, muss Elwood mittels Linksklick auf seinen Charakter "angesprochen" werden (Kontextmenu öffnen und "Talk" dabei auswählen).


Quest Log

Elwood McCarrin, New Haven

Fishing for Rainbow Pearls

Elwood greets you warmly, like an old friend he's not quite sure he ever had.
"Hello. Yes. Sit down. Please. Good. Okay, stand. Up to you. So what brings you to these parts... hey, wait. Just had a thought. Would you like to do me a favor? Yes, really. You know, for old times skae. The good ole days. You were always one of my best suppliers. Or maybe you weren't, who knows any more. Anyway, could use some help supplementing my stock. You know me. Always looking for something new to add to the collection. Or sometimes not so new – just more of the same. But don't have to tell you that. You know, don't you. Yes. Just like old times. That's what it'll be. You and me – together again. Ah, it's been too long. So what do you think? The fee will be the same as always. I'm a fair man. You know that. So what do you say?"

Nun akzeptiert (I accept anklicken) man die Quest, und Elwood freut sich.

Elwood slaps his knee and grins at you.
"Yes. Yes. That's the spirit. I knew it. Knew it when I first saw you. You remind me so much of your dear departed father. Or someone. Not sure. Maybe no one. But that's okay. Ah, good times.
Anyway, so as you know, I'm a collector. Got all kinds of interesting things laying around back at my warehouse. You know. You've seen it. Haven't you? Yes? No? Nervermind. Not important.
Right. So, always trying to add new things to my collection. Or sometimes just get more of something. Can't have too many. Right? Yeah? Sure.
Let's see. Where to start. Oh, I know. Pearls. Yes. But not just any pearls. Rainbow pearls. Yes. From the lake here in Haven. Seems all that magic Uzeraan was throwing around when he transformed the island had an interesting effect on some of the shellfish down there. Exactly, rainbow pearls. Useless for magic, but an item worth collecting. Trust me on this. Trust me.
Need you to go fish some up for me. Down at the lake. Lake Haven. Off ya go. Happy fishing!"
Elwood turns back to his ale and now seems oblivious to you.

Akzeptiert man die Quest, muss man gleich am Hafen die verlangten Rainbow Pearls (Regenbogen Perlen) erfischen gehen. Dazu benötigt man nur eine Angel, Skill muss für diese Aufgabe nicht antrainiert werden. Es kann eine kleine Weile dauern, bis man alle Perlen erfischt hat, man erhält auch eine Nachricht, ob man nun erfolgreich war oder nicht (die Perlen werden direkt gezählt – es gibt kein Objekt, das ins Backpack fällt).


  • Erfolgreich, in hellblauer Schrift: You pull a shellfish out of the water, and find a rainbow pearl inside of it.
  • Nicht erfolgreich, in orangefarbener Schrift: You pull a shellfisch out of the water, but it doesn't have a rainbow pearl.

Nach 6 erfischten "Rainbow Pearls" wird das Quest Log aktualisiert, und man kann zurück zu Elwood um die nächste Aufgabe anzugehen.

Elwood jumps slightly when you call his name.
"What. I'm awake. Oh, it's you. Hey, look at those pearls. Beautiful. Wow. Where'd you get those... oh right. I sent you to get them. From the lake. Lake Haven. Great job. Gotta love rainbow pearls. Oooh, Colors.
Okay, let's see. Next. Need a painting. Go to the Colored Canvas and speak to Alberta. Alberta Giacco. Best painter I've ever met. Aks her to do a painting of you. Yes. Of you. A portrait. Never know if you might up and become famous one day. Need to have a painting of you in my collection. From now. Before all the fame. Go. Alberta awaits. She's in Vesper."
Elwood starts playing with the pearls you brought him and seems to have forgotten you're there.

Alberta Giacco, Vesper

Alberta looks up from the painting she is working on and faces you.
"Excuse me. I don't mean to be rude, but I'm in the middle of something, and can't... oh wait, I see. You must be the one Elwood sent over.
Very well. If you'll have a seat on the stool over there, we'll get started. This will just take a few seconds. I paint quite quickly, you see. I'll start once your are seated."

Nun muss man etwa 30 Sekunden auf dem kleinen Schemel genau gegenüber der Leinwand sitzen. Bewegt man sich zu früh, erhält man eine Fehlermeldung in rot: You must remain seated on the stool until the portrait is complete. Alberta will now have to start again with a fresh canvas. (Du musst auf dem Stuhl sitzenbleiben bis das Portrait fertig ist. Alberta muss nun wieder mit einer neuen Leinwand beginnen.)

Wenn es erfolgreich war, erhält man das Quest Log wieder aktualisiert und es geht weiter im Text:

Alberta stands back from the canvas and surveys her work.
"Not too bad. Quite good even, if I do say so myself. As always of course.
Oh, you're still here. Please let Elwood know that the painting has been completed. I'll have it sent to him once it dries."
Alberta removes the portrait from her easel and sets it aside to dry.

Nun gehts zurück zu Elwood um ihm vom gelungenen Portrait zu erzählen.

Elwood notice you immediately and waves you over.
"You're back. Good. That's good. Hmm. You don't seem to have that painting yet. Don't tell me Alberta refused. That's not good. I made her what she is! She was living in the gutter when I found her. The gutter. And she has the... what's that? Oh, she finished the portrait. Right. Good. Can always count on Alberta. Always. Best painter in the land.
Just have a couple... er... wait... make that... two more task for you. Then our business will be concluded. For now. Old chums like us will always work together again. Yes. We go so far back. Right. I think.
Anyway. There's a musician. A minstrel. His name's Gabriel Piete. Quite the good singer. One of my favorites. Absoulte favorite. What I'd like is his autograph. Simple. Just his autograph. You're likely to find him at the Conservatory of Music in Britain. He's often there. Often. Between performances. Hurry now. There ya go."
Elwood falls silent though his lips are still moving. It looks like he's quietly repeating the word, "autograph".

Gabriel Piete, Britain

Gabriel sighs loudly as you address him and stops whatever it was that he was doing.
"WHAT?!? Can you not see that I'm working here? Ugh, sometimes I wish they'd just lock the outer doors to anyone who doesn't belong here. So go ahead and fawn. Get it over with, and then leave. Sooner you're out of here, the sooner I'm back to work.
I see. So you want an autograph. Fine. If it'll get rid of you, I'll give you my autograph. But I'll only sign some sheet music for one of my songs. Until then, please let me get back to work.
You can probably find some of my sheet music at one of the theaters in the land. When I perform there, they often sell it as a souvenir. Speak to the impresario... the theater manager. My last three performances were in Nujel'm, Jhelom and here in Britain."

Nun muss man diese drei Theater nach dem richtigen Impresario absuchen: derjenige der das Music Sheet hat, wird es einem für einen kleinen Obulus (10 Goldstücke) verkaufen.

  • das Nujel'm Theater befindet sich zwei Gebäude nördlich der Bank
  • das Jhelom Theater befindet sich auf der südlichen kleinen Insel (Süd-Jhelom)
  • das Britain Theater befindet sich gleich südlich des Standortes von Gabriel Piete

Auch hier gibts nur eine Aktualisierung des Quest Logs, kein Gegenstand ins Backpack. Danach gehts wieder zurück zu Gabriel.

Gabriel looks up impatiently as you approach.
"Good. We can finally be done with one another Here, let me sign that and have this business completed."
Gabriel takes the sheet music, autographs it, and then hands it back to you.

Und schon wieder gehts zurück nach New Haven, zu Elwood.

Elwood looks up eagerly as you tell im about the autographed sheet music.
"Quite good work. Not an easy one to deal with, that one. Gabriel Piete. Yes. Well done. Nice autograph.
One last task. I would like a set of toy monster figurines made by the famous toymaker, Tomas O'Neerlan. You'll find him in Trinsic. He's often at the Tinker's Guild. Try looking there.
You're doing quite well indeed. Knew you would. Just like old times. Yes. Quite good."

Also weiter nach Trinsic, zu Tomas O'Neerlan.

Tomas O'Neerlan, Trinsic

Tomas smiles freely as you speak to him.
"Ah, to be sure I can make you some toy monster figurines. That's my work, making toys. Worry not, we'll put together a good set of monsters for you and your figurines.
But I'll be needing something from you before I can begin. Here, take these enchanted paints. Using them, you can capture a set of images of the creatures you wish me to make into toys. It'll only work on the group of creatures I select for your set of figurines. Oh, and I'll be needing those enchanted paints back when all is said and done."

Im Quest Log kann man danach die Liste der notwendigen Monster ersehen – eine typische Liste ist zB. Meer Warrior, Giant Scorpion, Juggernaut und Mummy. Die Monster kann man in ganz Sosaria ablichten, egal wo. Ein Doppelklick auf das Tool (Paints and Brush, blessed) und dann auf das Monster (es geht auch durch Wände hindurch) ergibt ein Foto (ein A Painted Image Of: [Tier/Monstername] wird automatisch in den Rucksack gelegt). Wenn man alle 4 Fotos zusammen hat, gehts wieder zurück nach Trinsic.

Tomas grins as you walk toward him.
"I see that you have collected all of the images we need. 'Tis good. I'll begin straitght away on the toy figurines. I'll have them delivered to you when ready. Where shall I send them? To Elwood in Haven? Yes, I know him. We've done business in the past. Odd fellow."
Tomas smiles as you return his enchanted paints back to him.

Nun geht es wieder zurück nach New Haven, zum letzten Mal zu Elwood.

Elwood takes a sip of his ale as you address him.
"Ah. That's the stuff. Ale. Nothing better. What's that? Toy figurines will be delivered. Right. Yes. Perhaps better than Ale. Tough one.
Very good work. Quite. Think we're all done now. You completed everything I asked. Would work with you again. Yes. We should.
Ah. Yes. Your payment. The usual. I think you'll be pleased."
With that Elwood rummages around in his backpack. He eventually pulls out a small bag and hands it to you.

Nun erhält man den langersehnten Stein, A Section of an Obsidian Statue, hat man 10 Teile beisammen, lässt sich eine komplette Statue zusammenbauen. Unter Umständen ist es möglich, dass dabei eine Statue mit dem eigenen Charakter-Namen entsteht (die Chance dazu steht bei 1:1000).

Hinweis: Diese Quest kann man sofort wiederholen und unendliche Male absolvieren.

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