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Gretchen the Alchemist ist ein NPC-Charakter in der Underworld.

Quest Log

(Beschreibung: Travel into the Abyss and seek three samples of fertile dirt and three samples of bone. Bring them to Gretchen for your reward.)

"This place in dreams has called to me, it is to magic as a tree. Passages stretch like limbs laden fair with a bounty of fruit in the form of a... err... reagents.
Ahem... Not that I would see you hurt, but the first thing I need is some Fertile Dirt. Second I will need some bone, long forgotten, far from home. Return to me with three of each, a special potion will I share with you this one time.


"This day I saw in dreams of joy, these items do justify your employ. The potion I give you is sticky and hot, if thrown to the ground it will bind to the spot."


Hinweis: Dieses Quest lässt sich beliebig oft vom selben Charakter absolvieren.

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