Done in the Name of Tinkering

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Fiddling Tobin the Tinkerer ist ein NPC-Charakter in der Unterwelt im Stygian Abyss.

Quest Log

Done in the Name of Tinkering

"Travel into the Abyss and find five floor traps using the Detect Hidden skill. Collect the floor traps by using the Remove Trap skill. Bring the components of the trap to Tobin for your reward."

"The name's Tobin, friend. Specialists in all form of tikerin' that involves traps. Only private contract stuff of course, royal projects an' the like. I've joined this Society of Ariel Haven so that I might find any new devices that might be in this ancient place."

"Say then, this old bird Dugan has been holding us up with a bunch of bureaucratics mumbo jumbo. Something about dangerous creatures or some such. Since you ain't under her thumb, why don't you go look around and bring ol' obin back any traps ye discover. I'll need several specimens to work out the particulars. In exchange, I will share with ye any tinkeries I discover from it. What do you say?"



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