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Lorekeeper Calendor the Keeper of Tradition ist ein NPC-Charakter in Heartwood in Yew.

Quest Log

Hinweis: Das Dreadhorn Quest ist die einzige Möglichkeit, Zugang zum Twisted Weald zu erlangen. Es muss vor dem Betreten der Höhle in Ilshenar angenommen (aber nicht unbedingt ausgeführt) werden.


Calendor the Keeper of Tradition: "Can you comprehend it? I cannot, I confess. The most pristine and perfect Lord of Sosaria has fallen prey to the blight. From the depths of my haeart I mourn his corruptioin; my thoughts are filled with pity for this glorious creature now tainted. And my blood boils with fury at those responsible for the innocent creature's undoing. Will you find Dread Horn, as he is now called, and free him from this misery?"

Objective: 1 Dread Horn

Reward: A Strongbox

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