Ending the Threat

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Elder Dugan the Prospector ist eine NPC-Questgeberin in der Unterwelt im Stygian Abyss.

Quest Log

Ending the Threat

"Travel into the Stygian Abyss and kill Gray Goblins until they are subdued and will not attack the settlers anymore. "

"You have done much for us and I need you to be our champion again. We cannot sleep in these halls as long as the goblins threaten our safety. Return to the place where you found Neville and kill the gray goblins until they cower before you. Let them know we have a champion and they must seek elswhere for a query. If you do this for us, I will reward you with the highes honor."


Hat man dieses geschafft, erscheint ein Gray Goblin Captain, der einen um Mitleid bittet:

Oh, have mercy on us! Have you come to kill everyone of us? Take what you will and go! Your kind is more terrible than the mistress! Woe are we, the gray goblins, we serve the mistress and yet she leaves us to be...

Zurück bei Elder Dugan the Prospector erhält man nun die Belohnung:

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