Filthy Lifesteales!

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Grubbix the Soulbinder ist eine NPC-Kreatur die man aufgrund der Quest Ritual: Tear of a Soulbinder von Prugyilonus the Advisor to the Queen besuchen muss. Sie lebt nord-östlich in Ter Mur.

Quest Log

Die Lifestealer leben westlich der Abandoned Fisher Village in Ter Mur.
"Ah, what do we have here?

Bah! I was so hoping you would be something other than a human, gargoyle, or elf. Do you know how many of them I have eaten? Your souls have filled me but, now, they are no longer appealing. You are in luck that I have recently eaten, however, or else I would have devoured you anyway.

You want something, yes? I can smell the desire for something on your soul. Desire used to be such a lovely dessert for me but now it is bland and droll.

My tears, eh? Ha! Such an odd request. But you have my interesd piqued.

I'll tell you what: do something for me and I will give you a bottle of tears.

In the northwest, walking the lava shores, is a creature that has vexed me for centuries. An old foe, the Lifestealer eats the hearts of its victims, consuming their essence in a similar fashion to how I consume their souls. Many times have I lost a victim to these inane creatures, and many times have I attempted to exact my vengeance. Unfortunately, due to my corpulent nature, I am not as fast as they are an have failed in my desire to kill them. Wouldn't it be poetic? A Soulbinder consuming a Lifestealer!

Go to the lava shores in the northwest, mortal, and kill the Lifestealers you find there. When you have thinned them out, return to me and I will give you what you seek."


Hat man es geschafft, alle zu töten (das könnte ein wenig Zeit in Anspruch nehmen), geht man zurück zu Grubbix. Er ist hoch erfreut, einen zu sehen.

"I can smell their deaths upon you, mortal. Each Lifestealer you killed let loose all of the souls that they had taken, and I was able to draw them here with my magic. I am so full, now! I think this will hold me over for quite some time.

Here, take what you came for. While you were gone, the thought of those Lifestealers dying was enough to make me laugh so hard I cried. I filled this bottle for you.

Off with you, now!


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