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Formosa ist der einzige Server in Taiwan und einer von acht Ultima Online Shards in Asien.

Technische Informationen

Eröffnungsmeldung für Oceania

Formosa Shard Opens Worldwide
Feb 22 2000 6:12PM CST
We are pleased to announce the global opening of Formosa shard on February 23rd, local Taiwan time. Formosa is the 20th worldwide Ultima Online shard and the first to be located in Taiwan.

The shard's name means 'the beautiful' in Portuguese, and dates back to the 1500's, when the island of Taiwan was discovered by Portuguese explorers.

Formosa is the 8th Asian Ultima Online shard, and is staffed by bilingual Taiwanese and English speaking Counselors and Game Masters. We are continuing to accept Counselor applicants for this shard, and are eager to hear from dedicated, bilingual UO players interested in these positions. For information on joining the UO Counselor program, and to fill out an online application, please visit

Persönliche Werkzeuge