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Patricus the Trader ist ein NPC-Charakter am Hafen in Vesper.

Quest Log

Patricus the Trader: "Ho there! There's nothing quite like a day's honest labor to make you appreciate being alive. Hey, maybe you'd like to help out with this project? These crates need to be delivered to Sledge. The only thing is -- it's a bit of a rush job and if you don't make it in time, he won't take them. Can I trust you to help out?"

Objective: 5 Crate for Sledge zu Sledge the Versatile nach Buccaneer's Den (siehe All Season Adventurer) bringen, innerhalb von 3'600 Sekunden (1 Stunde, da kann man sogar rüberschwimmen *kichert*)

Reward: Another step closer to becoming human.

Antwort (Sledge): "Hey, if you have cargo for me, you can start unloading over here."

Reward: You have demonstrated your physical strength! Humans can carry vast loads without complaint. You are one step closer to achieving humanity.

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