Journey to the Athenaeum Isle

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Queen Zhah bzw. ihr NPC-Charakter vergibt im Queen's Palace im zweiten Stockwerk diese sehr anspruchsvolle Quest.

Quest Log

"Greetings, adventurer.

As you know, my people have suffered the incessant onslaught of the Void and its minions for as long as Gargish history exists. Protecting Ter Mur from the darkness, and its desire to consume the land completely, is a burden passed down from one ruler to another upon ascension to the throne. During my rule, I have been more successful than my predecessors but, now, I fear that the greatest evil both myself and my people have ever faced is about to return.

Long ago, Ter Mur was assaulted by the most formidable and horrid servant of the Void it had ever faced. Called Scelestus the Defiler, thsi daemon proved invincible to any weapon or spell that was utilized against him. I was unable to defeat him and was forced to imprison him instead. Sadly, my own daugther was caught in the spell and stands imprisoned next to the daemon. It was been this way for a thousand years now.

I have received word that the isle which houses the daemon, Athenaeum Isle, is once again swarming with daemons. Based on the description provided to me, I believe these are the minions of the Defiler himself. They have no doubt crawled out of the dark in anticipation of their master's return. In truth, the prison I placed him within will not last forever.

I ask that you journey to the southwestern flight tower, adventurer, and head further southwest towards the shore. Near the water's edge, you will find an ancient teleport site witch will transport you to the isle. Once there, please slay as many of these monsters as you can. Additionally, please keep your eye out for any documents that you may discover. This isle was the former home of our Great Library and, when it fell, not all of the documents and books were able to be taken to the new location here in the Royal City.

Slay the beasts and return to me any documents that you acquire.

Be carefeul, and go with honor.


und die folgenden Bücher bringen:


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