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Elder Dugan the Prospector ist eine NPC-Questgeberin in der Unterwelt im Stygian Abyss.

Quest Log


Search the Underworld for the lost adventurers. Either bring word of their progress or evidence of their fate to Elder Dugan for your reward. "

"Well met, traveler. I am Elder Dugan, leader of the Society of Ariel Haven. We are a society of prospectors who have obtained writs of commission from Baron Almric to colonize this mountain."

"After this mysterious mountain appeared complete with its own door... we sent in scouts and discovered that it is an ancient city, abandoned and overrun with wild creatures. Thus, with the blessing of our Baron, we have come to claim and settle this new area and it will be called Ariel Haven. We have been sending out adventuring parties to slowly push back the wild beasts and thus far we have managed to secure this hall. Yesterday we sent a party in further to find our next area to claim and they have not returned... I am becoming concerned."

"In your travels in this mountain would you look for my people? If they are well, please bring me word, if misfortune has befallen them, please bring me evidence of their fate. "


Dies erreicht man, indem man vom Eingang der Unterwelt linkerhand bis zu den Rotworm und Bloodworm geht, dort erkennt man auch vier Leichen. Nun erhält man eine Meldung:

"You observe the remains of four humans here. As you observe the tragic scene, you are reminded that you promised to bring Evidence to Elder Dugan of their fate."

Wer nun die Rotworms tötet, erhält nach und nach die gewünschten Ariel Haven Writ of Membership automatisch in den Rucksack gelegt (Meldung: "As the rotworm dies, you find and pickup a scroll case. Inside the scroll case is parchment. The scroll case crumbles to dust."). Diese noch als Quest Item markieren und zurück zu Elder Dugan bringen.

"Oh, this is indeed sad news. It seems my worst fears have been realized! These writs were given to Evan and Kevin Brightwhistle, Sergio Taylor, and Sarah Bootwell. Based on your description of the ghastly scene, they have met a most untimely end! This is a great setback to our society as they were each great friends to me and an asset to the society."

"'Tis strange that there were only four bodies..."

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