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Oceania ist der einzige australisch gelegene Server für die Spielergemeinde. Er wurde am 27. Januar 2000 in Sydney eröffnet. Im Januar 2011 gab es einen kleinen Spielertumult, da EAMythic heimlich den Server nach Amerika übernahm, und dort neu aufbauen wollte. Nach massiven Protesten kam der Shard am 25. Januar 2011 zurück an den ursprünglichen Standort (zumindest temporär). Im Januar 2013 endete die Odyssee mit dem derzeit finalen Standort bei AWS Sydney in Australien, nachdem EA sämliche Server zu Amazon Webservices generell auslagerte.

Technische Informationen

Eröffnungsmeldung für Oceania

Oceania Shard Opens
Jan 27 2000 12:26AM CST
We are pleased to announce that after a smooth pre-production period, Oceania, our first Australian shard, opened slightly late this morning at 12:30 AM Sydney time. The Oceania shard is our 21st shard worldwide and is expected to greatly enhance gameplay for South Asia-Pacific players.

Named for the approximately 25,000 islands located in the area of the Pacific Ocean known as the South Seas, Oceania will be open exclusively to South Asia-Pacific players (excluding Japan) for a limited period of time, allowing these local players to develop a strong community base. In the next few months, Oceania will be opened to the global UO community, allowing UO players worldwide to enjoy this newest shard.

The Game Master hours for the Oceania Shard can be found by clicking here. For information on the shard's maintenance schedule, click here. If you live in the South Asia-Pacific region and cannot see Oceania (or Balhae and Formosa) on your shard selection list, please email your account name to australia-server@uo.com so we can get you access to these shards.

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