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Ocllo auf der Facette Felucca ist quasi das Spiegelbild von Trammel's ursprünglichem Haven, und nicht zu vergleichen mit dem heutigen New Haven.

Beschreibung aus der Dokumentation von UO:LBR:

"The civilization of Ocllo lies hidden deep in the mountains on the island south of Magincia. Their knowledge of what lies beyond their mountains is fairly limited, and to them, everything in the region is part of Huansuytin, the World. The Ocllo build terraces along the mountains, upon which they grow their crops: corn and potatoes and other staples do well enough up here, but the lack of availability of fresh water is a problem for them. Mages often spend their days working at ways to get fresh water for the irrigation of the foodstuffs. The Ocllo are master stoneworkers and metalworkers, and are expert weapon makers, even though they have no neighbors to fight. In their distant past, before the various mountain tribes (and races) were unified into one culture, they must have fought long and bloody wars. Also, the great and mysterious upwelling of sea water in the Salt Lake drags in fish and creatures of the oceans, and the reed-lashed boats of the Ocllo have permitted them to become expert fishermen. Everything the Ocllo have must be built out of the shades of stone found in their mountains. They bleach and they redden the gray stone, and they have a highly prized vein of white stone they use as well. Much of their work relies on the squared corner, with pillars a common trait. Most outsiders would find their style to be confining and claustrophobic, although once inside, the habitations are as colourful as the Ocllo can make them. Blue and greens are predominant, mostly in weavings."
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