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Beschreibung aus der Dokumentation von UO:LBR:

"This city is best known as "Swamp City" because large regions of Papua are covered with swamps. Although this may sound unappealing, young couples will find the Just Inn the perfect haven to spend their honeymoon. Papua has a teleporter connection to the mage shop in the North of Moonglow. To travel to Moonglow you simply stand on the pentagram in the Papua mage shop and say recsu. To travel back to Papua say recdu when standing on the pentagram in the Moonglow mage shop. North of Papua lies the Lost Lands Desert which is the home of a lot of species, mostly aggressive. East of Papua is a very large lake which runs all the way to the north, goes beyond the lighthouse at the north end of the desert and ends west of the Desert area. Papua has a shipwright and docks. Travelers to and from Britannia can use the Serpent Pillars in the sea to reach Papua by boat. Furthermore Papua has a Carpenter, a Tinker, a Tailor, a Jeweler, an Alchemist, a Healer, a Butcher, a Blacksmith, a Baker, a Provisioner and stables."

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