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Aeluva the Arcanist ist ein NPC-Charakter in Heartwood City bei Yew.


Quest Log

Hinweis: Dieses Quest ist eine mehrteilige Questreihe, die von etwas wehrhafteren Charakteren angenommen werden sollte. Sie berechtigt den Questnehmer dazu, den Spellweaving Skill zu lernen und benutzen zu dürfen. Eine weitere, sehr ähnliche Quest, Discipline, kann in Sanctuary absolviert werden.


Aeluva: "Learning to weave spells and control the forces of nature requires sacrifice, discipline, focus, and an unwavering dedication to Sosaria herselfe. We do not teach the unworthy. They do not comprehend the lessons nor the dedication required. If you would walk the path of the Arcanist, then you must do as I require without hesitation or question. Your first task is to gather miniature mushrooms... 20 of them from the branches of our mighty home. I give you one hour to complete the task."

Objective: 20 Miniature Mushrooms innerhalb 3'600 Sekunden (1 Stunde)

Reward: The opportunity to learn the ways of the Arcanist.

Aeluva: "Have you gathered the mushrooms?"

Needs of the Many - The Heartwood

Aeluva: "The way the Arcanis involves cooperation with others and a strong committment ot the community of your people. We have run low on the cotton we use to pack wounds and our people have need. Bring 10 Bales of Cotton to me."

Objective: 10 Bale of Cotton

Reward: The opportunity to learn the ways of the Arcanist.

Aeluva: "Well, where are the cotton bales?"


Aeluva: "We must look to the defense of our people! Bring boards for new arrows."

Obtain: 250 Boards (normales Holz)

Reward: The opportunity to learn the ways of the Arcanist.

Aeluva: "Well, where are the boards?"


Aeluva: "With health and defense assured, we need look to the need of the community for food and drink. We will feast on fish steaks, sweets, and wine. You will supply the ingredients, the cooks will prepare the meal. As a Aranist relies upon others to build focus and lend their power to her workings, the community needs the effort of all to survive."


Reward: The opportunity to learn the ways of the Arcanist.

Aeluva: "Ah good, you're back. We're eager for the feast."

Unnatural Creations

Aeluva: "You have proven your desire to contribute to the community and serve the people. Now you must demonstrate your willingness to defend Sosaria from the greatest blight that plagues her. Unnatural creatures, brought to a sort of perverted life, despoil our fair world. Destroy them -- 5 Exodus Overseers and 2 Exodus Minions."



Dies kann man heutzutage am besten im kleinen Exodus Camp wenn man in Ilshenar durch das Honor Mondtor geht und durch den Tunnel im Norden geht, der direkt zum erwähnten Camp führt. Wer trotzdem ins Exodus Dungeon gehen möchte, kann das natürlich auch tun.

Aeluva: Well done! Well done, indeed. You are worthy to become an arcanist!

Ab sofort kann der Arcanist nun die Spellweaving Zaubersprüche in seinem Buch sammeln und benutzen.

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