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Publish 60.1 Chrissay Zeeman 17 Sep 2009 17:27:34 EST

Publish 60.1 will go through during your local shard's maintenance period.


   Fixed the issue with the invisible Ostard
   Cliloc Updates

Bug Fixes

   Non SA Entitled players can not control or receive SA Pets
   Adjusted the Flight Paths in SA over the Lava tiles 
   Added exit teleporters to the Color Maze – to use say “exit” to the brass sign
   Fixed an issue with some of the minor Artifacts being were imbuable
   Fixed an issue with players falling off the sides of bridges in SA
   Writeable books , runes, spellbooks and runebooks will no longer be sent to the Cavern of Discarded
   Player will no longer receive the option to use a Silver Sapling rez in either boss mob instance encounter
   Removed loyality from acid slugs due to the fact they instant respawn
   Added functionality to the cannons in the front of the Underworld
   Fixed an issue with the Color Gem and players being disconnected
   Reduced transparent area to fit the size of the golden compass gump
   Adjusted the amount of Magical Residue vs cost of imbuing
   Added random Mysticism scrolls to the SA dungeon Mobs
   Adjusted Tyballs hps and the manner in which players get the key.  Everyone in the area will now get keys if needed.
   Added SA entitlements to SA artifacts (Demon Bridle Ring and Token of Holy Favor)
   Fixed the issue with the Lich Artifact not dropping correctly
   Adjusted the stamina for gargoyles flying
   Templated Gargoyles can no longer be created with 0 skill points
   Players can no longer recall out of the champ spawn areas
   Ghosts can now be exorcised from the two new champ spawn areas
   Clippers should now cut all plants included those labeled “a decorative plant”
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