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Publish 64 Now Live James Nichols 10 Feb 2010 09:15:40 EST


Publish 64 is now live world wide - below are the final notes for this publish (including the accompanied patch notes)

We hope you enjoy, have fun!

Publish 64 Notes

Valentine’s Gifts

   Login on and find out what we have for you to love! 

New Gardening Resources

   Flax Seed produces cotton bales (used on spinning wheels to make spools of thread)
   Cypress seeds produce bark fragments (these can only be used by cooks to make wood pulp)
   Sugar Cane seed produces bags of sugar 

Encounter Improvements

   Navrey, Medusa, Stygian Dragon and the Slasher of Veils have been revamped:
       New Rewards- Night Eyes ( Glasses), Tangler (Half Apron),  Venom (Bracelet), and Slither (Talisman), Lavaliere (necklace) , Mangler (Broadsword)
       Scrolls of Transcendence have been added
       Some of their stats and resists have been adjusted
       New attack added to Slasher of Veils 

Seed Trading Box

    If you have seeds that will not stack, take them to the flower garden behind the Nujel’m Palace and place them in the Gardener’s Toolbox.   This will allow an exchange of unstackable to stackable seeds.  The box will accept single seeds or containers filled with seeds.  Please be warned that the player can’t carry the seed container and it will drop to the player’s feet.  Double click the box for instructions if needed. 

Mysticism Changes

   Imbuing is not the only skill associated with Mysticism now.  Players can use EITHER their Focus skill or Imbuing skill.  Evaluate Intelligence no longer has any effect on a Mystic’s spell power 

Housing Teleporter Changes

   If two House Teleporters are not linked with each other, it is now possible to form a link between the two. To do this:
       Have both House Teleporters in your backpack.
       Double-click on one House Teleporter.
       When the targeting cursor appears, target the other House Teleporter.
       The two House Teleporters will then be linked and can be used for teleporting between each location when locked down in a house.
   This is an exclusive link. Old link associations will be broken when the new link is formed.
   Faction players will no longer be able to use these while carrying a sigil

Please Note: If you have teleporters placed you do not have to relink them. If one happens to become unlinked for any reason, you will be notified by the teleporter becoming dark grey.

Item Insurance Update

· All items have been evaluated based on their true value and these values will now be used to determine insurance costs.

Scaling insurance cost

   New insurance costs will be between 10gp and 800gp.
   Magical items cost will be based on their worth in the Imbuing system. Please note: Item property weighted values subject to change.
       All community collection items will remain 600gp.
       All faction armor/weapons will be 800gp.
       Insurable armor set pieces will remain 600gp.
   Players will now be receiving 100% of the insurance value for player kills and faction players will receive 50% of the insurance value insurance value for player kills.
   Non-magical item cost is based on a percentage of the items vendor price.

New improved interface added to the player context menu

   Displays all insurable items currently within the players backpack and equipped on paperdoll.
   Displays current insurance status for each item.
   Total insurance cost, the number of deaths payable, and the gold available are displayed for the player.

Bug Fixes

   House add-on deeds will remain blessed when they are redeeded
   Glowing runes will animate in the Legacy Client
   Player’s last corpse is teleported out of the Underworld puzzle room if the key expires
   Snakes which are attacked while under the influence of a snake charmer will no longer remain uncharmable.
   Gregorio the Bandit will no longer turn blue when attacked.
   Fixed an issue with Tinkers not being able to make trapped boxes.  This was caused when the tool was used up upon a failed attempt.
   Pets should be able to follow their owners down the stairs from Underworld into the Abyss
   Fixed an issue with re-deeding heritage token ladders decaying when redeeded and replaced.
   Maple and Snows trees will no longer display bare in Felucca
   The Crystal Vortex now has a new corpse animation
   Young players can now say “cross”  to use the ferry in Skara
   Players will no longer be able to cast Rising Colossus inside houses
   The 20 skill points from humans’ “Jack of all Trades” will no longer apply to the skill points required for the mana discount on special moves.  If players do not have 200 or more modified points in various combat skills (Swordsmanship, Mace Fighting, Fencing, Archery, Throwing, Parry, Lumberjacking, Stealth, Poisoning, Bushido, and Ninjitsu), their special moves will use the full mana cost 

Patch Notes

Patch (Enhanced Client)

   Players from Global Chat can now be added to the Ignore List. Click on the “Add from Chat” button when adding players to ignore. 

Hotbar Updates

   With Legacy Targeting turned off, target type is indicated by the color of the outline around each slot.
   Hotkey assignments on the hotbar are now more visible.
   All hotbar slots now properly highlight on mouseover. 

Added new actions

   Equip Last Weapon: swaps between the currently equipped weapon and last equipped weapon.
   Bandage Self: searches for the first available bandage in the backpack and uses it on yourself.
   Bandage Selected Target: searches for the first available bandage in the backpack and uses it on your current target.
   Quit Game: exits the client (key binding is also available). 

Updates to the “Equip Item” action:

   Now properly equips between two-handed weapons and one-handed weapon/shield combinations. (*)
   Added an “Add Equipped” button when editing the action that adds all currently equipped items to the action.
   The same item can no longer be added to the action infinite times. 

Additional Changes

   Updated the placeholder icons for many of the macro action.
   Added item and weight count tooltips to the player backpack. (*)
   Empty containers no longer open with an empty view.
   Reduced the duration of the earthquake shake and synced it up with the sound effect.
   Chat Color option for “Custom” has been relabeled to “Chat (Global)”. 

Bug Fixes

   Players are no longer able to open multiple NPC vendor gumps simultaneously.
   NPCs and players will no longer appear to ghost on edge of screen when player is zoomed out to max.
   Fixed an issue where items placed on the ground are occasionally invisible without any particularly identifiable reason.
   Gaman no longer sound like songbirds 

Please Note: Requires Publish 64 to be fully operational.

Patch (Classic Client)

   Players from Global Chat can now be added to the Ignore List. A list of selectable names will appear when adding targets to the Ignore List
   Added the “Chat Channel Message Color” customization option.
   Players can now run more than one Classic Client at a time, but are given a warning dialog during startup 

Bug Fixes

   Gaman no longer sound like songbirds
    Fixed overlapping issues with overhead text
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