Ritual: Hair of the Dryad Queen

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Linzrom the Guard Captain ist im zweiten Stockwerk des Queen's Palace in der Royal City in Ter Mur zu finden.

Hinweis: Dies ist der erste Teil (1/1) in der Quest Reihe von Linzrom (Startquest: Ritual: Hair of the Dryad Queen). Das folgende Quest heisst Ritual: Heart of the Night Terror.

Quest Log

"Hail, adventurer."
I have heard of your continued assistance and loyalty to our Queen, and I cannot thank you enough for what you have done. Our darkest hour is approaching, and you have truly proven a valuable ally.
The Queen and her Advisor have begun preparing the empowerment ritual with the previous components you gathered. They have made excellent progress and have informed me they are almost ready for the final two components. Thus, I have been tasked with pointing you in the right direction.
First, they require a strand of hair from a dryad queen.
Forces of nature unto themselves, dryad queens oversee the rule of the lush and verdant forests throughout our world. You must seek out Oakwhisper, Queen of the Fire Island dryad clan. She has aided us in the past and we hope she shall be willing do so once again.
Journey to Fire Island and venture deep into the labyrinthine woods. What you seek is an ancient, majestic tree that towers above all of the rest; it stands within a clearing full of life.
Hanging upon this tree is a magical standard; place your hand upon it and you will be transported to Queen Oakwhisper's bower.
Approach the Dryad Queen and ask for her assistance."


Der gesuchte Baum auf Fire Island. Die genauen Koordinaten: X 4444, Y 3695 oder 177° 59' N, 140° 34' W.
Nun sucht man den Baum, der erwähnt wird, es ist ein pink-farbener riesiger Yew Baum auf der Fire Island. Er ist östlich des Humility Shrines und westlich des Fire Island Daemon Temple zu finden. Dort klickt man das Banner, das vom Baum herabhängt, doppelt an oder läuft schlicht darauf zu, und wird zur Dryad Queen Oakwhisper teleportiert. Wenn man ihre Quest absolviert hat, kehrt man zurück zu Linzrom.
"You have acquired a strand of Oakwhisper's hair? You have my gratitude for your continued support. Now for the next component.


  • The Gratitude of the Gargoyle Queen and the next quest in the chain.
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