Ritual: Heart of the Night Terror

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Linzrom the Guard Captain ist im zweiten Stockwerk des Queen's Palace in der Royal City in Ter Mur zu finden.

Hinweis: Dies ist der zweite Teil (2/2) in der Quest Reihe von Linzrom (Startquest: Ritual: Hair of the Dryad Queen).

Quest Log

"The bearer of the last component will be easy to find but extremely challenging to overcome, I fear.
In eastern Ter Mur there lies a ghost town. Formerly a fishing village, this town was long since abandoned due to the instability of the land it sits upon. Now, it is the haunting ground of a group of vile and insidious creatures: the Night Terrors.
The Night Terrors walk the empty streets of the village, slaying any who venture into their path. It is the heart of one of these creatures that I require. Journey to the village and slay one of the beasts. Once you have done so, cut it open and tear out its heart. That is the final ingredient that needed for the ritual.
Be careful, as the beasts are fiercly protective of one another and are extremely powerful. I look forward to your return."



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