Ritual: Scales of a Dream Serpent

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Prugyilonus the Advisor to the Queen ist im zweiten Stockwerk des Queen's Palace in der Royal City in Ter Mur zu finden.

Hinweis: Dies ist der erste Teil (1/3) in der Quest Reihe von Prugyilonus (Startquest: Ritual: Scales of a Dream Serpent). Das folgende, mittlere Quest heisst Ritual: Tears of a Soulbinder, der letzte Teil Ritual: Pristine Crystal Lotus.

Quest Log

"Greetings, adventurer. Our queen has need of your services again, should you be willing to come to her aid."
As you may know her Majesty has spent the past thousand years diligently researching way in which she could defeat the Defiler. I have personally assisted her in this effort and we have discovered a ritual which will magnify the cleansing magic that se originally used against him, potentially breaking the barrier that protects the Defiler's body from harm.
The ritual is ancient, dangerous, and requires many obscure components that are not easy to obtain. Her Majesty has been successful in acquiring all but five of them over the years but, now, time is running out and she has asked me to task you with their acquisition. I have been provided with a list of the five remaining components and would like you to obtain them.
The first component that I require is a handful of scales from a Dream Serpent.
Dream Serpents are mischievous but benevolent creatures that live off of magical energy. They are extremely rare and hard to catch, preferring to live in the realm of dreams rather than the physical realm. However, there is one location within the kingdom that you may find one.
Journey once again to the Southwestern Flight Tower. On your way to the Athenaeum, you may have noticed a clearing surrounded by four hillocks. This location is an intersection of ley lines which run throughout Ter Mur. Ley lines are energized, concentrated strands of magical energy and thus they are irresistible to the creatures. If my calculations are correct, you should find a serpent and be able to interact with the creature. Heed my warning, adventurer: you should not seek to harm the beast.
Offensive tactics must be avoided at all costs, as these magical beings help keep the very energy of Ter Mur harnessed and in balance. Speak with the creature and ask for its aid, but do not harm it. When you have acquired the scales, return to me and I shall reward you and guide you towards the second component."


Nun sucht man Bexil the Dream Serpent auf, die sich ganz in der Nähe beim Portal zur Athenaeum Isle aufhält. Hat man diesen Teil der Quest abgeschlossen kehrt man zu Prugyilonus zurück (mit Quest-markierten Dream Serpent Scales).

"You have the scales! Excellent!
We are now one step closer to completing the list of components for the ritual, my friend. With your assistance, I believe we will be able to acquire all of them just in time.
Now, on to the next component."


  • The Gratitude of the Gargoyle Queen and the next quest in the chain.
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