Ritual: Tears of a Soulbinder

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Prugyilonus the Advisor to the Queen ist im zweiten Stockwerk des Queen's Palace in der Royal City in Ter Mur zu finden.

Hinweis: Dies ist der mittlere Teil (2/3) in der Quest Reihe von Prugyilonus (Startquest: Ritual: Scales of a Dream Serpent). Das folgende Quest heisst Ritual: Pristine Crystal Lotus.

Quest Log

"I fear I must now send you to convene with a creature that may not prove as willing to help as the ones you have encountered previously, my friend. I require the crystallized tear of a Soulbinder, a malevolent creature that prefers to roam the desoalte edges of Ter Mur where the Void has consumed much of the area.
Spawned from the depths of the Abyss, the Soulbinder is avile and disgusting creature that prefers to consume its victims alive, decouring their souls during its digestion. It is the spirit of its prey that nourishes the beast, and this hunger is the only thing the beast knows. I know not how you will cause one of these monsters to shed a tear, but I believe you are resourceful enough to find a way.
Journey to the northeast, and follow the twisting strips of land surrounded by the Void; you should be able to localte a path to the lair of this foul thing. I wish I could provide you with guidance regarding approching the beast, but I have been unable to discern anything beyond its location. Be on your guard, adventurer, and be prepared to do battle should the beast prove hostile."


Nun sucht man Grubbix the Soulbinder auf, der sich nord-östlich in Ter Mur, auf einem Landarm aufhält. Hat man diesen Teil der Quest abgeschlossen kehrt man zu Prugyilonus zurück (mit der Quest-markierten Soulbinder's Tear).

"You continue to amaze me, my friend. I will admit I was concerned that the Soulbinder would prove to be too much of a challenge and, yet, here you are.
Are you ready to go after the next component?"


  • The Gratitude of the Gargoyle Queen and the next quest in the chain.
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