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Egwexem the Noble ist ein NPC-Charakter vor dem Haupteingang zur Royal City in Ter Mur.


Egwexem the Noble: I know not the details, but from what little truth that can be separated from rumor, it seems that the Holy City is being savaged repeatedly by the Arisen. Diligence demands that you make your way with haste to the Holy City which lies some distance to the south-east.

Please take this writ and deliver it to Naxatilor so he will know that I sent you.

Objective: 1 Egwexem's Writ

Deliver to: Naxatilor the Seer

Reward: Knowing that you did the right thing

In der Holy City empfängt einen Naxatilor the Seer relativ kühl mit den Worten:

Naxatilor the Seer: I am sorry, I am busy to...

*You hand Naxatilor the writ*

I see that Egwexem has sent you. It is good that you have come, we could use your help.

Nun startet der Questteil The Arisen.

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