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Barreraak ist ein Gray Goblin-NPC-Charakter bzw. deren König in der Unterwelt im Stygian Abyss.

Quest Log

Scraping the Bottom

"Catch a Red Herring from the underground river in the Abyss and bring it to Barreraak for your reward."

"You kill Green Goblins. You one of us! Big gray goblin, you are. But not so gray."

"Barreraak will come to point... Fishing is good. Fish are in river. Gray goblins fish, fish make good meat. Not better than rotworm, but goblin can't eat rotworm all the time... Make goblin too fat."

"Goblin King make good contest. Catch special red fish. Red Herring good fish to eat. Very hard to catch. Often Barreraak fish in wrong place. Very strange."

"Barreraak make deal with you. You bring Red Herring to Barreraak, Barreraak give you something good. Barreraak bring red herring fish to King and be big hero. How that deal sound? "



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