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Die bekannte Stadt der Industrie (engl. City of Industry) ist über mehrere kleine Inseln verteilt und mit Brücken verbunden. Hier lassen sich praktisch alle Gewerbe finden, vom Fish Monger über diverse Schneidereien und Rüstungsschmieden bis hin zum Imker. Das lokale Mondtor teilt sich die Stadt mit Minoc, da es etwa in der Hälfte zwischen beiden Städten liegt (offiziell wird es Minoc zugeteilt).

Beschreibung aus der Dokumentation von UO:LBR:

"Vesper is located on the eastern coast of Britannia, the northernmost city on said coast. Its positioning almost makes it more a part of the culture of Magincia, as it serves as a major trade port for the north part of the sea. Vesper is a city of shallow waterways and canals. These canals are largely man-made, but are rough-hewn and seem quasi-natural. Although the climate in this region ranges from the temperate to the cold, Vesper is a city of strong stonework and wide open spaces that serve as breezeways. The stonework is all done by local artists and artisans and has earned Vesper a reputation as a beautiful city. The building of bridges has become an art form in Vesper. Stonework is most common, with granite slabs used everywhere. Carvings and statues appear atop columns and at cornices. Vesper has the latest of everything, thanks to its position as both trading leader and as the main export center for inventions coming out of Minoc. The shops here carry gadgets from the useful to the inane."

Details der Stadt

  • Fishing Hut Vesper: 49° 23' N, 99° 29' E (UOAM: X 2783, Y 1062)
  • Fish Monger Vesper: 69° 20' N, 118° 32' E (UOAM: X 3009, Y 835)
  • Hafen (Docks): 70° 2' N, 118° 41' E (UOAM: X 3011, Y 827)
  • Healer of Vesper (Heiler): 67° 30' N, 112° 17' E (UOAM: X 2920, Y 856)
  • Minoc Moongate (Mondtor): 81° 54' N, 96° 57' E (UOAM: X 2702, Y 692)
  • Passage in die Lost Lands, im Friedhof: 64° 14' N, 102° 5'E (UOAM: X 2775, Y 893)
  • The Ironwood Inn (Inn): 57° 34' N, 102° 35' E (UOAM: X 2782, Y 969)
  • The Mint of Vesper (Bank): 82° 37' N, 109° 32' E (UOAM: X 2881, Y 684)
  • Vesper Cemetery (Friedhof): 66° 31' N, 102° 18' E (UOAM: X 2778, Y 867)
  • Vesper Gate (Tor nach Buccaneer's Den): 56° 36 N, 91° 3' E (UOAM: X 2618, Y 980)
  • Vesper Museum (Sammlung): 56° 30' N, 112° 30' E (UOAM: X 2923, Y 981)


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